Iron man games


Recently, in the field of cinema traced an interesting trend. Often about a particular work of literature or genre of comic books, we learn only when it get to Hollywood directors and create the next blockbuster. This is especially true of comic books, because they have interested only a small group of Phantom of the case and if such comrades as Superman, Batman and Catwoman are known to almost every child, then about the same Deadpool, Ms. Marvel hours and only heard one. The same fate befell the Iron Man, which for a couple of weeks rent the same movie, has evolved from a little-known komiksovoy hero in a global star. Whether influenced by the charisma of Robert Downey Jr., perfectly played the role of a rich and reckless chapter armory corporation that at your leisure clothes personally designed suit and goes to great deeds, and can deal only in professionalism Hollywood kinodela, but the fact remains – Iron man firmly took the place of one of the most popular superheroes. Now thousands of people are buying toys for children in the form of their beloved Stark and play Game Iron Man online, so its popularity is gaining momentum. So, who is hiding under stuffed with modern technology of Iron Man suit? In the movie The Avengers « » he gives himself a precise definition, calling himself a millionaire playboy, and philanthropist. Very modest, is not it? But this is the whole Tony Stark – seemingly cynical, selfish and narcissistic millionaire who with equal ease and spend money on unique military development and the purchase of new yachts and racing cars. But many, just attracts so no standard way for a hero, especially in the course of the story, we learn that Tony is not such a bad guy who just used to pursue their own work and who never deviated from its goals. Its only serious drawback is, perhaps, only a complete lack of ability to work in a team, but he overcomes it successfully. Naturally, the story of this remarkable character has not left indifferent programmers and game designers, allowing Iron Man games have seen the light. In them we can do to try on the famous red suit and go to heroic deeds. In the games we offer to fly over the night city and fight with familiar villains from the films, cycling the entire set of technical widgets embedded in your superkostyume.