Games Kitchen


has long gone into oblivion are the days when women were considered the true purpose, according to an old German saying goes, three «K» - children, church and kitchen. Progress relentlessly pressing forward, the church has long been separated from the state, scientific atheism stalked by our towns and villages, the kids put in a children's garden or under the watchful eye of a babysitter, and a kitchen seems to be finished once and for all with the help of catering, but suddenly it all went wrong! It turned out that every child needs her mother's tales and lullabies at night, and the charm of a family Sunday lunch or afternoon tea at the round table under the red shade can not be replaced by any ostromodnye sushi in Japanese restaurant or pizza heated in the microwave. Food at home is « and » home to please all of its inhabitants and to create the sometimes elusive, atmosphere protection from the outside world, comfort and warmth, smelling aromas of vanilla and cinnamon issued grandmother's pies. You can certainly buy a bun in the nearest bakery, but she will never be a tempting delicious as bun, cooked by your hands! Therefore, if you are to play kitchen people have lost, but your child shows a sincere interest in the mysteries of cooking, allow the child of a chance to try yourself in the gastronomic field, and suddenly you have at hand grows a new Pohlebkin only you something else about it do not know. But given the high cost of modern products, relegated to a small experimenter -week supply of food in your refrigerator, perhaps, too, it is not necessary. Suppose first that develops their talents in the virtual world, which developed and games for girls kitchen, which allow all sorts of culinary experiences, not harassing the real meat, vegetables and fruits. Besides that little cook will not harm the environment during these gastronomic exercise, she guaranteed, protected from all kinds of cuts and burns, which is fraught with the work at the stove. Skills learned during the game, help the child to better adapt to the real world, and when the time comes, remember their gaming exploits, and prepare first life omelet which to tears pricked the whole family. Due to the games in the kitchen daily basic recipes will be remembered by a child with little or no effort on his part, and can be an invaluable aid in later adult life when a loving grandmother with her ​​soup and meatballs as fate would be far from a young hungry body.