Game Kung Fu Panda


What remains to do, if you lifetime dream of becoming a famous martial artist, but should instead help his father sell Chinese noodles? And when you consider the fact that you are plump, clumsy panda with an excessive appetite, here even naedyatsya no matter what. But, as we are taught cartoon and Game Kung Fu Panda, even the most unattainable goal, becomes close, if you make work, patience and years of training. So our hero, well-fed and endlessly charming panda able to realize his dream of becoming the best master of kung fu in the whole China. It all started with the fact that Poe, despite his physique, really wanted to master the art of kung fu and one day, thanks to a fluke, he was chosen as the Dragon Warrior. But, as it turned out, such a responsible position requires much more than a simple desire, no matter how sincere it was not. By waiting therefore numerous workouts that its complexity and ingenuity would be forced to sweat even Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. And to help the panda in this difficult matter volunteered his new friends from «Neistovoy Pyatёrki»: desperate Tigress, Crane thoughtful, clever Monkey, Mantis and experienced cute but dangerous Viper. New friends first reacted with disbelief to the Po, but acquainted with them more closely, discovered that beneath the good-natured bumpkin hiding the real legendary wars. Through our website, you will be able to personally take part in the adventures of Po and his comrades, playing games online panda Conf. All are made ​​in the style of your favorite cartoon and bright and cheerful graphic design. The main plot of these games is the process of training, to help your mentee will be able to occupy the position it among the Dragon Warrior. So you are waiting for funny sports games Kung Fu Panda, competition in agility and martial arts, puzzles, coloring pages, and even with images of your favorite heroes. And the girls certainly will please, dress up games, in which the Po and the company may try various Chinese outfits. By the way, on our site you will find games and Kung Fu Panda 2, which is based on the second part of the cartoon about the adventures already «Neistovoy Shesterki», which was so called after the entry According to its ranks. The second part of the story tells us about the true origin of the heroic panda, who was a child torn from his real parents. The role of the villain this time tries on the son of the emperor, spiteful and narcissistic peacock named Lord Shen. And confront it may, of course, only six of our brave heroes.