Maze Game


Perhaps a passion for the unknown is born as a child, when you start to explore with friends abandoned basements, sheds, catacombs. And this passion people bring with them, as an invisible vessel through life, and if you are attracted by the unknown, perhaps you will be surprised how easily a sip of this pitcher, and once again plunge into the atmosphere of the unknown light. Feel yourself inside an enchanted cave, or in the basement of a secret government agency abandoned, which once held top-secret experiments. And you did not know what to expect around the next corner, and there is a way out of this maze. For this purpose, and create games that can be combined into one group maze games. Even if you are an office worker, who does not separate from the back seat of his office at the computer, probably, you will be surprised at how emerging feeling childlike, boyish excitement, is to plunge into the world of the labyrinth, populated by eccentric monsters, which you have to tinker. And yet, here, as in life, you are constantly in search of resources to go further. And maybe it's you come across the idea that life is beautiful. And thanks to those comrades who came to the idea that every office worker conducting the whole day at the computer, has the right to 15 - minute break every hour. If you do not believe this is the right you can read in the law on occupational safety and health. Of course, the need is more lucidly explained the chief, who may not be aware of this effect of something, no matter what. So saying that the cause of time, hour fun, is not canceled, remember. Indeed because life is – it is a game and the game model – circumstances and processes. We play games, we love to play. The truth is not all the same, but there is another interesting and indisputable fact. This has been proved by modern psychology: the people who play, love to play, reach in life much greater success. Maybe it's a way to look at ourselves? And you can really get some unexpected resources of the subconscious when distracted from everyday life, allowing the brain and body to work in the pleasure (well, like in the game with a maze). Someone who likes to speed, some quiet sitting at the chess table, or strategic thinking in a more expanded form, in the form of game strategy. In this section we offer a plunge into the world of mysterious labyrinth. Many interesting varieties of games, friends since childhood, and their variations. This may be a game with three-dimensional graphics and intricate plot, or characters in the style of angular eight -bit consoles, one important – at any time you can feel the researcher and pioneer, not knowing what lies around the bend you and your computer hero.