Games Simulations of life

Man, is not particularly well versed in a variety of genres of computer games are often interested in the question:"What kind of games are - Simulations of life? ". Connecting the logic suggests that in them we have to live a very real human life. In general terms, it is a guess is correct. In these games you will not find races in spaceships, command the armies of elves and gnomes and battles with bloodthirsty monsters. In the simulator we are waiting for life such prosaic things as going to school and to work, family, shopping and home improvement, the institution of offspring - in short, everything that makes a normal average person in their lives. You say boring and mundane? And you try to play yourself, and you'll understand why these simulators have such a huge army of fans. By the way, do not think that this category of games is limited to human life. After all, it is also possible to include a much-loved by many strategies that you entrusted arrangement of the whole city, and even of their own world. Only difference is that in the past, you will lead not to a single person, but the whole nation. Or you, for example, the option of how to live life in the image of an animal? Moreover, the choice of your alter-ego will depend on what role you have to play - a formidable predator or small and inconspicuous little creatures. So do not think that the game of fox and hare will differ only in appearance of your character. After all, like any animal, your character will have to hunt, look for a pair and take care of procreation. Still leading role play games simulators life dedicated management is human life. After all, just imagine any action required from you in reality uymy effort achieved just by pressing a pair of buttons on the keyboard. For example, if you want to confess his love like a girl, in the simulation of life on you do not need to take her to restaurants, to give flowers and sing serenades - just a couple of mouse clicks, and the heart of the beautiful belongs to you completely. It is this apparent simplicity and the absence of obstacles and hidden special magic of these simulators. After all, in the game you do not entirely depend extraneous factors, everything is subject exclusively to your will. It is through this illusion of a comprehensive monitoring, life simulators and achieved its popularity. You can try to create its computer identity, just importantly, remember - no virtual reality is no substitute for real, though sometimes difficult, and human life.