Games about love


Due to the increasing penetration of mass culture in our lives, issues such as «chto is love? », « where babies come from? », occur in modern children at a very young age. And no wonder, for even quite cartoons and children's films often contain romantic scene. The children, with all their natural curiosity and spontaneity begin to elicit parents, which in the movie Uncle kissed that beautiful aunt, or whether it was a must marry the heroes of your favorite fairy tale. Some parents do not cause similar issues of confusion and they are very clearly lay out the baby adapted short course on male and female relationships. But for some, finding the right versions often turns into confusion and a brief «vyrastesh – uznaesh» himself. We can assure you that this approach is fundamentally wrong – should rather buy a child a book, encyclopedia, or search online games about love than to let things drift in the hope that he learns from his friends and classmates. Quite often, information about the relationship obtained in this way are too harsh and one-sided, and may in the future have a negative impact on the formation of the child's family images and life together. Therefore, great importance is the correct approach to the explanation of your daughter or son of the word «lyubov» and its manifestations. The child should clearly tell the difference between such concepts such as mother's love for the child, the child to his brother or sister and a man interested in a woman. Only in this way you will be able to pave the way for the inevitable after a couple of years talking about sexual relations and contraceptive methods in which you can safely discuss this topic with your child, and do not hear in response: «Nu, mother, and that the new you would like to learn? ». An excellent foundation proper sex education for your daughter can be a computer love games for girls who are not only good developmental tool, but also a fun and interesting way to spend time. During these games, your child in an easy and unobtrusive way to explain what is kissing goodbye and how to behave in the society of the opposite sex. If you do want to make sure a child under the age of one of the presented our games, you can offer her daughter to play with her, along with her ​​explaining all sorts of difficult and controversial moments. Games about love is a great way to bring a child quite slippery, but very important topic in a playful and accessible way.