The Fairly OddParents games


Magic games parents are presented in a variety of genres: platformer in which you have to show the wonders of skill and ingenuity, the small role play, making it possible to perform simple quests and puzzles, which becomes much more interesting to gather in the company of your favorite heroes. But fans of the series may be interested in such games typically « » girly dress up as a genre in which there is a possibility of selection of new costumes for the characters Magical parents. Today, perhaps, none of the popular children's cartoon is not without magic, magic and all sorts of fantasy creatures. Perhaps this trend originates in the genre of children's literature, it is enough to remember such stars as Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, The night watchmen His Dark Materials. But be that as it may, on the screens reign such series as Winx, Ben 10, the School of monsters. As for the place of magic and heroes, endowed with magical powers. Not an exception and proved popular cartoon Magic Parents, in which the magical theme generously peppered with jokes and gags. It tells us the story of an ordinary boy of ten years old, by the name of Timmy Turner. Our hero, like most of today's teenagers, can not find a common language with their parents. Even the parents at first did not particularly pay attention to the boy, instructing his upbringing harmful and rough nurse. Salvation to our hero comes from an unexpected quarter, when it turns out that fish living in his aquarium, not ordinary pets. As it turned out Cosmo and Wanda (that was the name of the fish) are real fairies, fairy tasked become patrons hapless boy. But the main advantage of the cartoon magic parents and the game is that in contrast to the same Winx, the hero does not acquire any magical powers – for it makes it all the guardians, who turned out to be able to fulfill any desire. Thus begins an exciting adventure in which Timmy realizes that we must be careful what you wish for and cancel them is sometimes much harder than to think of. Computer games, which served as the basis Magical parents usually do not differ any special graphics or unusual story. Their main advantage is the opportunity to meet with familiar characters and personally take part in the adventures of Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda. This variety of gaming options is not surprising – is, in fact, every cartoon series is a separate story, which can be implemented in one of the mini-games.