Games three in a row


There are games that are almost can not get bored. They can play at home and at work, and to the main advantages of these puzzle games is that they can at any time to close and go back to their business. For such toys include solitaire, tic -tac-toe, mahjong and, of course, the game three in a row, which is present in almost every lover of mini-games. This seemingly unpretentious game will be enjoyed by gamers of all ages. Even the harsh policies and lovers of chess, can afford to relax for a simple toy - clicker. After such entertainment are a wonderful way to relax for a few minutes and forget about their problems. Even psychologists argue that there is nothing that improves the results of work as the regular alternation of work and inactivity. These are the happy moments of rest we can hold in your favorite chair, zapasshis a cup of tea and playing games 3 in a row online. A significant advantage of these games is low and the requirements for your computer, because the interest in these puzzles called not will detect advanced graphics or cool effects. Due to this, 3 in a row so popular as an office game, passing which, you will be able to do, even the whole mountain Affairs. Simply put the toy on pause and turn, and then sort out the next job boss, return to conquer the virtual space. Rule 3 in a row is very simple and will be immediately understood by both adults and younger players. You are required to collect a chain of at least three figures in one line. Everything seems simple enough until you do not try to play 3 games in a row. It should be noted that the length of the assembled chain affects the number of points gained, and a variety of devices, generously placed at the developer level, help to quickly and effectively bring together entire sections of similar elements. There were the case and without obstacles, you have to show cunning and ingenuity, getting rid of the various blocks that prevent the player to reach the required figures. In version 3 in a row for the children, of course, these obstacles are not very complicated, but chosen so that the child was able to use logic to achieve the goal. The visual design of the game is good, here everyone can find an option to your liking. Game 3 in the series has many versions: aquariums with colorful fish, caves and pirate ships filled with treasure and cute little animals and mouthwatering sweets. All this is done in a pleasant to the eye, juicy and rich colors with animated graphical effects.