Games Mermaids


Many people know that the mermaid, according to myths and legends, are not quite so sweet and defenseless creatures. In ancient times in Russia behind them was the glory of absurd and capricious water spirits that people are not what would be hostile, but often not averse to tickle and catch unwary traveler. In this case, our little mermaid does not necessarily have had to live in the water – from the middle of summer to autumn, they change their place of residence and flee for waters adjacent to the forest in which the tree is to his liking, and live in its branches. Although frequent legends, in which the mermaid become the subject of sighs of young men, such love, as a rule, remains unrequited and unhappy love in vain waiting for a meeting with his virgin river. In European mythology, the situation is much more fun to take at least the famous fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, which served as the basis for a great Walt Disney cartoon. Thanks to him, the image of the Little Mermaid is firmly caught on a par with other Disney princesses and still cartoons and games mermaids with their participation resonate in the hearts of young spectators. After all, they, according to Hollywood standards, has put a happy ending, in which the little mermaid and her prince live happily ever after. A game based on the movie are often one of the most popular among young female fans tailed beauties. After all, the theme itself underwater research provides a huge range of possible adventures, in which you can participate by learning together with your trust the depth of the ocean floor. After all, games for girls mermaids give us the opportunity to swim, collecting all sorts of shells, pearls, simultaneously admiring the beauty of the underwater and put a beautiful puzzle with a picture of all kinds of marine life. Even games, dress up and they allow us to use as models beauties mermaids, for the human versions of which procured all kinds of ball gowns, and for fish - it will be possible to change the coloring of her gorgeous tail. But the cartoon mermaids are not the only members of this fraternity in computer games. It recently appeared youth series entirely dedicated just to representatives of these marine fauna. The idea of ​​it may be obtained by playing the mermaid h2o games that you will find directly on this page of our website. The history of ordinary schoolgirls girls who received the ability to turn into a mermaid after being hit on them at least the water droplets do not impress gamers of any age.