Monster High Games

Games Monster High - what is it? Let's imagine that there are monsters in the world and they live ordinary lives of ordinary people, adults work, withdrawn kids in kindergarten, older kids want to school. So, now we will talk about schoolchildren monsters - Toral Stripe, Howlin Wolf, Twyla, Vayperin Gorgon, Caste Fiers and others. Usually these children are well known to you adult monsters. Each character lives his life and the game will give you the opportunity to know exactly what
At first glance you would think that they are very scary and unusual characters, but there is no selecting games monster high you will see that all the members of the cartoon is very funny and positive. First, we will tell you the story before the appearance of all Monster High. Initially, the creators released only a doll, then they noticed that their characters have become very popular among all age groups of children and decided to release a cartoon. As expected, the famous doll has grown to hundreds of thousands of times before and the authors faced the problem of how else to please their fans. And one creative officer came up with the idea to release the game Monster High. And hundreds of artists and writers began to draw gameplay. No expanse of the Internet, there are many genres - arcade, rpg, dress up, skipping. In all the genres have games Monster High. What we're all about dolls. Let's go directly to the names. All the characters in the movie are very bright, and each has its own character. Frankie Stein - is the daughter of the famous Frankenstein, even though she's kind of an adult, but she's only 15 years old. She is very active and this is her favorite sport. Frankie can sit for hours in the sports hall. Friends from her very little, though she friendly, but for some reason, no one wants to be friends with a girl monster. Claudine Wolfe, as you already understood is the daughter of a werewolf, so she has a brother and a younger sister Claude Howlin. All in the family werewolf a lot of children, but the game presents these characters, who knows, maybe the authors are preparing for the future a pleasant surprise to his fans. Claudine's most famous fashionista in school. It is the nature of the classroom is covered with fur and her girls are always interested about fashion trends in the world. She is friends with Frankie and Dracula. Now we move on and Dracula. Dracula beautiful girl monster, seemingly she is very young, even though she is only 1,599 years old, not worth to think that this is very much by the standards of the vampires, it is very small. In the cartoon girl turns 1600. In games, there is an interesting paradox. Dracula does not like blood, as if it did not look ridiculous, it is a vegetarian! She just can not stand the word blood and this Drakulka nice and friendly, always smiling. Deuce Gorgon is the son of Medusa insidious, luckily he did not get such a nature as his mother. His favorite activity being driven on a skateboard. The School Monster his love and respect. Deuce Tailed pet rat Perseus and call him, this little pet is very angry Gorgon your name. Laguna Blue 15 year old daughter Creatures from the Black Lagoon and Nereid. Generally Laguna initially studied at another school, "Wrong Side", but for family reasons, was forced to move, she was studying in Australia, and this has a slight accent. Finally something Gulia Yelps, daughter of the zombies! In this strange to believe, but it is the most intelligent pupil, so the girl likes to eat different harmful fast food, and that it? After all, it is almost dead and the food did not add a single gram calories. Here we briefly walked through the characters in the game Monster High. Includes any game that you like, but our advice is to play each in turn