Games Moxie


If you try to outline the image of a modern girl to mind first of all come to such qualities as self-confidence, determination and sense of style. In this case, once the obligatory femininity, grace and modesty, recede into the background and equated with remnants of the past. Of course these changes are reflected in popular culture. Therefore, cinematic and animated heroine often know how to fight and to drive better than most men. In this age of global emancipation even try to make toys according to fashion standards. Gone are the days PUPS plump and doll - child, and now every girl dreams of a toy Centerfolds, with lots of dresses and grooms. The creators of the popular Bratz doll series was decided to follow these requirements. Dolly turned out quite nice, but did not find the approval of some of the parents, which is often decisive when buying toys for their next child. According to them, Brothers were too bright and vulgar, is not fulfilled in the image of a diligent student of high school, and more like zavsegdataynits nightclubs and parties. And so, despite the love of an entire army of small fans, friends were removed from production. Then, puppet designers decided to do the work on our mistakes and correct all made ​​in a series of gaffes Bratz. It saw the light of the famous doll Moxie, which, though copied the older sisters in many ways, ranging from the structure of the body and ending with original box with «okoshkom», but still has a set of radical differences. So if Bratz were made in the image of Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga and Madonna, it began to look more like Moxie girls such as Jessica Alba and Natalie Portman. In general, changes mostly in their nature puppet. Hair bright colors and incredible forms changed to quite decent quads and long hair with bangs fluffy, purple, crimson and red shades of lipstick given way to pale pink and coral, and the wardrobe has undergone significant changes. Now - games for girls you can play normal Moxie girls, dressed in the latest teen fashion, but not glamorous divas on the ten centimeter heels. By the way, Moxie has become so popular that they can even be seen as the heroines of computer games in which you are waiting for your favorite dolls in the form of virtual models for clothing, makeup and manicure. Thus, you can easily pick them thousands of outfits and hairstyles without effort and cost.