Games Need for speed

More than one generation of gamers changed since then, as the famous game series need for speed burst onto computers large number of users. Perhaps a rare fan of racing, have not played this wonderful toy. NFS rightly takes place on the podium of the most famous in the world of racing simulators. She even served as the basis for other similar races, but none of them has ever been able to surpass the original. And indeed the Need for speed is now very different from the version of a decade ago, its creators are willing to lead every year to delight us with a new version with all the large set of effects as close to real. Number of additions that came to NFS, just huge. With this game you can not just feel like a real racer: you can upgrade your car to your liking, to escape from the police chase you, as well as choose how to allocate money honestly earned races. Through a set of upgrades, Need for speed gives you the option of mediocre mediocre machine with which you begin, make a monster riding a overspeed. Lovers conditions as close as possible to reality, provided the machine with both variants gearbox. Because of this you will be able to truly feel like driving cars have selected. But high-quality graphics are not the only games in the series, plus Need for speed. Each new game is rapidly approaching the physics of the game world to the real conditions. Each collision, impact, or a sharp turn almost exactly the same as its real counterpart. What is there to talk about the effects and of the world - features of the landscape, the weather, the architecture of cities - quality of each of them is simply amazing. The game is fast approaching the quality of execution of Mr. Hollywood action-movie, where you feel a major participant. But unfortunately, all this graphical splendor available to people with weak computers. Until now, they are provided with a choice - to upgrade or even change your PC, or to be content with the old version of the famous game. But now, with the growing popularity of online games, you just enter in the search engine need for speed to play online and you will have the opportunity to enjoy your favorite NFS, with ordinary, average on the parameters of the computer. We deliver games are designed in classical style need for speed and are available to users free of charge.