The game field of miracles


«Itak, you get a prize from the show floor of Capital Wonderland! » Everybody has heard many times the phrase from their TV screens from Leonid Yakubovich. This transfer is familiar to everyone. Interesting game rules and the process itself, forcing many in awe watching the developments and present yourself in the place of the player. Most importantly, the prizes in this global game were really serious and wanted to get them one. At that time, to have a car it was very expensive and quite difficult, not for nothing is very often the car was the main prize of Paul Shaw Capital Wonderland. This show gave the public a lot of positive emotions and sincere smiles. Plus every quiet happy for your favorite player of the three, it was he who got to the prize. This show has made ​​history as the first significant TV show with a fantastic rating. Time passed and the world is filled with exciting new TV shows and now all slowly started to forget this old and interesting programs, but it will always live in our hearts as warm and old memory of days gone by. But do not despair! Now, not only can you remember how you watched this show, nor yourself can play it without leaving the house. Yes, this is possible, it is not surprising! As soon as the creation of the game field of miracles were performed, simply the explosion occurred around the game world. Everyone who has seen this show a hundred percent once, but played it on your computer at home. And now, you can just as easily make a cup of tea and start this wonderful show at home in the living room or office. Anyone who watched this show, finally able to feel in place of players and understand how really hard to play this game. And we must always remember that the game has a positive impact on human development, as the issues for which it was necessary to give answers, it is very difficult. In this game you should definitely play younger generation, which is very different from their parents. Modern advances in technology affect the development of our youth, which has recently been less interested in literature and educational programs. Game Capital Shaw Field of Miracles will help you to correct this situation. To play it, you will certainly need a lot of reading. Also in this game you can play with your family and seek answers to questions together, which will positively affect your family relationships. This telecast became a game, not just an ordinary TV show, but a whole historical epoch, which entails a lot of pleasant and warm memories of our past.