Games Prototype


Hello to all fans and lovers of adventure! If you love all the mysterious, mutates, general action with elements of self-harm (though, unfortunately, only on a computer screen), then you may be very like the game Prototype. The first prototype of the release of the game was released in 2009. Since the game has gained a lot of fans around the world and translated into several languages ​​, we present a description of it. After all, this site contains the best collection of online games for you. So, it all started in 1969, during the Cold War, when all sorts of science laboratories enjoyed spending all sorts of secret experiments. Perhaps that is why one provincial town got infected by a virus and was, as always happens in such cases, burned to the ground by government order. Two survived, one of whom was caught, and a ban on the quarantine, as a biological weapon, the other went into hiding. Well, probably the same as a biological weapon. And everything is nothing, but probably escaped our little-known character went somewhere in New York. And there also was played epidemic. Here in New York it turned out to be more difficult to burn, so that drove the military and went running. And then he wakes up in the morgue a Alex Mercer. Actually, come to life, otherwise why would he have time to zasypat… there only to go out, as he rush the soldiers, well, in general, want to shoot, but he escapes. As accidentally swallowing a couple of passers-by, Alex suddenly surprised to discover that it costs nothing to devour someone, while it absorbs and memory, and the ability, and can assume the form of someone to devour. Such is the new generation of werewolf. That this monster and you have to manage. You can turn the hands, feet, everything in there various sledge hammers, knives, grab a weapon and use it, as well as being controlled by helicopters, tanks and other combat vehicles and use their firepower. By the way, the game has elements of parkour, which caught the fancy of many players. And, you can throw it in different boxes or machines, blow up houses and tanks. Uniquely, the game engine power can be assessed only by downloading and installing the game. I would like to note the advantages of online games that you see on this page. They are completely free and always at hand. Their stories may be simple but no less exciting. You can easily switch between different games, without installing or downloading them. If you jumped to play your favorite game for a few minutes, or you want to pick up the game for the soul, both can be equally simple. Have a good time with your favorite games.