Racing games for girls


Somehow, in modern society, which is so proud of its liberal and feminist, still stereotypes portrayed about the differences of computer games by gender. Of course, no one disputes that the girl is unlikely to be interested voynushki, battle robots, Transformers and flight simulators, but the page with a typically feminine games sometimes drive in the gloom. Every designer thinks that all the toys with the tag « to » girls just have to be in pink and generously flavored with bows, rhinestones and hearts. If this is still possible as that would agree, because women originally inherent craving for everything bright and sweet, the reason why so few genres fall into the category of girlish games, remains a mystery. The pages devoted to this genre tend to offer us to pick up all sorts of outfits in princess - dress up games, make them manicures and hairstyles, well, or sometimes even cook a meal or treat patients in the games «v bolnitsu». But games for girls race, are not as frequent guests gaming sites. What is quite strange, because girls also tend to desire at all to understand and to understand how it is arranged, whether coffee or a car engine. Therefore, the genre of racing is quite able to win a girl's heart, especially if you decorate it accordingly. Of course, in the race for girls you will not find violence, military equipment or military robots inherent race -oriented male audience. But, racing games for girls are made in attractive colors and will not cause difficulties with management and often will give an opportunity to meet with the famous cartoon character. You must agree, any race will be much more interesting, if you manage the heroines of favorite cartoon Winx, Rapunzel, Mickey Mouse or Scooby Doo. The plot of these toys will not make you bored, which only cost a race on a pink jeep cross country trip or Hallowe'en fun characters on motorcycles. As the available vehicles, you can choose a scooter, roller skates or a bicycle. And, of course, it is worth to mention such a subject desires every little girl, like a pony. With the race for girls you can manage liked horse, with her overcoming various obstacles such as barriers and treacherous stumps. Racing for girls available online on our web site. With them you can plunge into the world of childhood and the positive experiences, learning fun craft and collecting power-ups in the form of ice cream, hearts and flowers.