Aircraft Games

Perhaps the second most popular toys after machines are planes. All of them, from the primitive meshes of cheap plastic and ending steep helicopters and Boeing jets with radio control, irrepressible boyish imagination finds application in a variety of games, ranging from conventional voynushek and ending with the carriage of goods. What can I say, even adults, and those exposed to samoletomanii - sometimes serious and wealthy men fanateyut of mini-models of aircraft feasibly any kids. So, still there is something special in the aircraft that does not get tired to attract new fans iron birds. Especially funny is that not an example of the same cars and motorcycles, planes are much more rare and expensive vehicle. And if the coveted model cars really podnapryachsya and save, then with the aircraft business is much more complicated. After all, some of their fans owl object of desire can only see on TV and in photos. So how do those who wish to consider not only the toy airplanes, and the present feel at the controls of a biplane or a military attack aircraft? Here we are ready to come to the aid of online games airplanes that do not require anything other than a novice pilot working computer with Internet access. Somehow, the gamers are of the opinion that the operation of the aircraft simulators, much more difficult races on the same machines. But this is not true, because in reality, control of the aircraft is much more difficult to master, especially given the fact that, unlike the car, he can move in any direction in space. Moreover, one should distinguish between a simple flash games online planes in which the control is done by pressing a couple of control keys and heaped words simulators. Sure, the last will give you the full effect of the presence in the cockpit of the aircraft selected, and along with a bunch of obscure instruments, buttons and toggle switches, for which it is necessary to follow in order not to send your car straight to the ground. But unpretentious games Flying airplanes require a conventional computer by its parameters, and the development of their management does not take a lot of time even in young players. Virtual planes can participate in the race and fight in air battles to transport cargo and passengers, and even resist the attack of space aliens. All these flash drives you can find in the category "Aircraft" in the catalog of games from our site, and none of them will not make you shell out the money.