Game Samorost


Recently, even as an original game genre as a quest, rarely pleases the fans something truly original and revolutionary. Increasingly in quests await us all possible expedition treasure quest for missing relatives of the main characters and a detective investigation. All this is mixed in equal proportions, add a pinch of intrigue, mystery and drop puzzles, some humor i… voila! We have another quest that will certainly find its fans, but while playing it, you will not leave feeling that it is already somewhere and once was. But before people knew how to do standing quests, take for example the same game Samorost, production 2003 sample year. Designed while still a student at the Prague Academy of Arts and presented it as a graduation project, Zamora found just incredible popularity in Internet networks. Simple toy so liking users, those were actively require its continuation. So, in Zamora you will be in the role of a small dwarf, whose house is a mixture of a planet and an asteroid, free-floating in space. And, as they say, everything was great until it came to a terrible danger in the form of the same asteroid that rushes from the depths of space straight towards the house of our hero. His, of course, such a procedure does not suit, so dwarf promptly jumps into a rocket made ​​of cans of canned sausages and desantiruyut an enemy asteroid. Here and begin an incredible adventure of our brave hero, in which he will have to use all the ingenuity and resourcefulness in order to explore that situation before, until there is a large «Bum! ». Management in most elementary Zamora – from you only need to click the mouse on certain subjects, for what would activate different mechanisms. For such a seemingly unpretentious gameplay, hides an interesting logical quest, which was continued even in the game Samorost 2. In it you will find a continuing adventures of Gnome, which is sent to another planet in order to get back his kidnapped dog. And although the second part of the game was made primarily for profit, it is not a bit behind the first, thanks to its unusual atmosphere. And while fans require Samorost 3 play full extension of this game you are unlikely to succeed. But in the relevant section of our site you will find a lot of games designed in a magnificent style of the first and second parts of Samorost.