Scary Games


Welcome dear guests on our game portal in the world of online games. Why then – people since childhood love the unknown. Many a child climbed in abandoned houses or dark basements. What we were looking for there? Fantasy itself drew the things that we could meet in a mysterious and scary place. And for what? Yes, for the sake of feeling when cold fear penetrates the skin and the hair stand on end. And special thanks to the friend who more and managed to tweak something to scare naive malyshni. First you yelling in horror and skedaddle, and then feel terrible buzz from the incident. If these feelings are familiar to you, if you do not wish to repeat? After all, you're in the game space, where everything is possible when it comes to setting the mood. You can just relax playing scanty pleasant child's play, you can revel in racing and shooting games, but most likely, the best thing is sobering. What causes us to experience fear! Already interested? Then you went to the right and to the right place. Because here you can find the most terrible game. Our pages have absorbed not only positive of the game. Although, positive, because it is different, right? For fans of shooters who like to blood in their veins froze for a moment, you will find here is very scary game, just terrible, or pugalki. In any case I have heart problems. Maybe it is better to refuse to play these games? For lovers of gambling, those who want to overcome your fears, you here! The measured voltage creates games snipers. Especially in those where it is necessary to decide who is a terrorist and who is not, and do not shoot someone who just worked in the office or walking nearby. In some games of this genre need to provide the customer the victim's head … Well? Although, let's not confuse the terrible and disgusting. About pugalki that make you jittery, especially not going to write. Just worth a try if you do not believe that you can be something to frighten. You can be sure that our horror stories fit even a child. It's games like Memory Cards, Cats Sally, Perfect Pie for Halloween and child witches. For those who love fantasy and horror stories with a positive sense of humor, these games are like. And that's not all horror stories, they are also a great many on this site! As is known. Scary kids love much more adult. If children read Ognivo» «, « or » Little Red Riding Hood, a fairy tale, in which there are scary scenes, our game just may be classified as children's amusements, that just tickle your nerves a little bit. Lovers of all the terrible and wish to play for fun! Leave your feedback and bring friends!