Games secretary


In the past, already somewhat forgotten by many, but the younger generation just unfamiliar, the Soviet era Secretary profession respected and honored, to put it mildly, did not use. Secretary girl called popularly exclusively « » secretary, and pronounced it with disdain and a slight touch of snobbery. Chubby secretaries and their bosses were constant jokes and characters according to their popularity surpassed only by Vasily with Petya, Stirlitz and Chukchi. But everything changes on the screens of our televisions come numerous foreign TV series about the hard life of the oligarchs, where sleek highly intelligent secretary with a Harvard education is not only easy twirled their bosses, like the tail of a dog, but also directly involved in the company's affairs, sometimes behind his boss . Now it became clear that the secretary is not a girl « Bring - Bring », and a very important component of success, on the qualifications, interpersonal skills and business sense which depends very much, and it should not be called a secretary, and the secretary - referent or assistant - clerk. The duties of the Secretary, as it turned out, not only includes brisk banging on the keys of a typewriter, and the ability to brew coffee, but also the knowledge of several languages ​​, rules of registration of various documents, computer skills, copier, fax and other modern office equipment. However, increased demands on the exterior, even the most educated and disciplined Secretary for -prezhnemu remained in vogue. After Secretary of – face of the company, and the first impression is often decisive for the client or potential business partner makes it the girl at reception, although silly dazzling blonde with legs from the ears and threes in the certificate can now lay claim to the post of Secretary only in some - some a provincial office «Roga and kopyta». Enhancing the prestige of the profession and the demand for Clerk of particular interest among girls in difficult secretarial work, and the market of computer games immediately responded to this by developing a series of games of office subjects with different gameplay. During the game, for the secretary girls you are invited to spend time in the waiting room at a strict boss, or, even worse, boss, managing to do a lot of things at once, while not forgetting to chat with friends on the phone, flirting with visitors - men and take care of their appearance. The game usually comes at a time, and you can only win a lot of effort, however, as in real life.