Games Simpsons


If you ask the first person to call a counter at least one cartoon oriented not on the children's audience, the great «Simpsony» will be mentioned with a high probability. Of course, the adventures of the famous family look and young audience, but truly appreciate their humor will come out only in adults. After all, to whom only did not get their Simpsons parody short plays: most famous politicians, musicians, actors and TV presenters. And if you list all the movies and TV series, which became the object of simpsons game here and the entire article will not suffice. Suffice it to mention such hits as Star Wars, Avatar, The Shining, Indiana Jones and the Gone with the Wind – restless yellow family not only meet with their characters, but even actively participated in the adventures. It is thanks to this diversity of subjects in the simpsons game play is particularly interesting, because each series favorite cartoon series is a separate story, which deserves its own mini-game. As in the original series, in its grounds for the games, we will meet their favorite American family. All his characters are so vividly and lovingly written down that each of them has got a lot of fans among viewers. Talking about the characters simpsons games online, first of all it should be noted the head of the family, unsurpassed amateur beer and donuts, which, thanks to the combination of rattlesnakes impenetrable stupidity and absolute self-righteousness, always gets in the most incredible situations. In contrast to the reckless Homer multipliers awarded him an intelligent and sensible wife (she is often the favorite character Simpsons Game 3 today on female players). Marge Simpson, usually serves only sane person this crazy little family. Although her ​​daughter Lisa, also clearly went to his mother, and enjoys playing the saxophone, and vegetarianism is the most exemplary student at the school. But her brother, obviously the character repeats his father. Bart is simply exemplary bully and gouging. By the way, for him we often happen to play online games simpson, because for Bart can ride a skateboard through the corridors of his beloved school, fight zombies and Hallowe'en just annoy the peaceful population of the town of Springfield. In the category of games of our site devoted to this funny little family, you are waiting for the game simpsons online for free, which will allow you to meet with both the great Simpsons themselves and with other equally memorable characters of the legendary animated series.