Simulator games for girls


Throughout a fairly long period of time, the essence of most children's games remains unchanged. If we carefully consider each of them, we see that the goal of all these dolls, cars and teddy bears, is harping on adult roles. For example, a girl, at a young age watching my mother takes care of the younger brother, just wants to feed porridge and put to bed his teddy bear. And as adults, baby will have to pay attention to how to do make-up and dress. And in spite of the indignant cries of feminists who claim that we are from birth impose woman role model kitchen slave and mother, this situation is more the law of nature. Nobody argues that the child prefers dolls and Simulation for girls in the future will not be able to build a career as a successful business woman –. Just until recently, the same market games for girls, appeared before us in a very limited way. The choice is given a few toys like a monotonous dressing dolls, though, as the boys could play a whole bunch of games, ranging from cars and ending fights. And in this situation, we are called not to be indignant about discrimination! But times change and even the most conservative game creators have realized that games for girls simulators should primarily be of interest to the children themselves, and then answer any education standards. Therefore, you can find a very interesting and exciting products in categories like games, playing a girl who certainly will not exactly feel like a boring lecture on housekeeping. For example, the same game about cooking, help in the form of a game, to master the baby in a virtual kitchen, to get acquainted with all kinds of kitchen utensils and ways of processing of different products. And the recipes for which the child will learn the basics of cooking, in these games are real, taken from these cookbooks and if you wish you can play them on this kitchen. Also very popular with young fashionistas are various simulators hairdresser where you will not only be able to create my own haircuts and paint layers, but also feel fashionable beauty salon hostess. Moreover, this business  –  focus is increasingly accompanied by simulations for girls – because much more interesting to command his cabin personnel than delat pricheski itself. Or do not just cook delicious meals, and sell them in their own restaurant, constantly developing and improving its own virtual business.