Games Racing on skateboards


Today, any small fry kindergarten age knows what a skate. But players who are over forty, remember the puppy dog ​​enthusiasm caused dizzying stunts young Marty McFly on a hitherto unprecedented miracle board, which he demonstrated in the cult film in «Nazad buduschee». So the older generation was first introduced with the skateboard. But there was little familiarity just – place only rare lucky ones managed to hold in your hand or skate (Oh, a miracle!) On it to pass. Time passed, and skate, gradually, from the very expensive exotic toys has become a necessary attribute of every self-respecting, modern teenager. Now just ride on the board was a mauvais ton. With TV screens sounded buzzword « » extreme and away we go! The spectacular and dangerous stunts, the more adrenaline! The audience ecstatic, my friends are envious of the girls do not reduce admiring eyes, and you're the king of the yard. All is good, if not for the bruises, bruises and broken bones, but is that a skateboarder can stop this?! It is possible that first came up with a skateboard simulator temporarily excommunicated from the board heavy plaster on his leg, an ardent fan of extreme skiing. It was very nice, people like it, well, and after that, it's small. Demand creates supply, and now the game race on skateboards are present in all forms. For lovers of the classics a full three-dimensional graphics, detailed simulating movement and carefully observe all the laws of physics, complex, well traced track and the opportunity to observe the process of setting trick from different angles. Those who do may seem boring, it is possible to offer management crazy Bear skateboarder, chips passing all sorts of jokes, or at least funny Bart Simpson. For the little ones, to skate with great pleasure are becoming possible chanterelles, doggies, kitties and other cute little animals, showing miracles of dexterity and quickness at picking up a variety of nice bonuses in the form of coins, a cookie and candy. And if they do this, you is not enough, then your service prehistoric stone skateboard Neolithic times in the appropriate surroundings, as well as the world's only Santa Claus skateboarder, hurrying for Christmas with a huge bag of gifts, and, for some reason, absolutely unwilling to go on his famous reindeer sleigh although the timing of its clearly running out. It was only thanks to his skill and your skills this story ends well, but, like any other Christmas story.