Game Snooker

Dear friend, let me welcome you in the gaming space online games. It collected many of the most popular, entertaining. As well as useful and educational games. Adults can simply play to escape, have fun, gain a positive attitude. And for the children, you can find a lot of good and fun games that develop the initial skills with a keyboard and mouse. Here is a list of the game that can please the fans of billiards. Here are a variety of billiards and their variations, how enough imagination PC online game developers. The site is very convenient to switch from one game to another, if you suddenly have such a desire. For example, to play snooker online, just click the mouse on the picture with snooker in the list of games. We briefly describe the rules of snooker. As in all games, billiard, snooker cue ball should be hit the balls. Players. Which can be two or more, alternately performed strikes on balls and try to score as many points as possible. The winner is the one who has typed more points. Includes 15 red balls, 6 different colors and one white. Colored balls are installed in the appropriate position, and in the red pyramid. Balls have their value. Black - 7 points, Pink - 6, blue - 5, Brown - 4, Green - 3, yellow - 2, red - 1. Beat only the white ball. But the white ball does not siganut pocketed. In general, the cost of a ball is scored, how many points gets to the account. Flame - the same as a round in boxing. It begins with the robbery of balls pyramid. After the robbery the impact turn passes to the next player, who is trying to score in the first red ball. Normally, a sequence of clogging, is a red - colored. Red n and the table is not returned, the color is set after scoring on its original mark. Once all the red clogged start color score in accordance with an increase in cost. That is: yellow, after the green, then brown, then blue, the penultimate pink, and lastly black. Continuous sequence - a so-called series, which significantly increases the number of points earned. The end of the frame is when: One of the players gave up due to the difference in the score. The player scored pink, and so only the black ball. At the same time, if one of the players the advantage of 7 points, the score black does not make sense and the one who has the advantage. It is considered the winner. If you scored the last black ball, then the winner is the one who has more points. If a player is allowed three times and more foul. It is worth mentioning that all the games on this site, in spite of their diversity - absolutely free. Besides it you can download them for free (!) Without introducing different activation codes, SMS and even registering on the site!