Games Space


Long before the first flight into space, people attracted to stories about the mysterious alien civilizations and intergalactic wars. Genre fiction space has arisen in the literature, thanks to such brilliant writers like Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke and Frank Herbert. Scenes of their work laid the foundations of the genre, which is now being built almost any cinematographic, literary or gaming product, the space dedicated to science fiction. What drew not only our brothers in mind: and peaceful people, living in harmony with the planet, and militaristic tehnotsivilizatsii and sometimes not amenable to any logic worlds, living by its own laws. With the development of technology, space science fiction firmly established in cinemas, and soon got in the online games space. And often, we can see the incarnation of the same story as in the movies, and in video games. Suffice it to recall the same Star Wars, Avatar and legendary Dune. The genre of gaming space provides ample opportunities to build interesting stories and unusual game universes. It is therefore not surprising that space online games are presented not only simulators battles on fantastic ships, but also the fact that most of them have chosen a niche variety of RPG, quests, shooters and even children's games. This diversity is mainly due to the fact that even if the game is done on the basis of the plot of the popular movie, the developer is still a huge space to exercise their imagination and create their own races, planets and military equipment. Well, if the game is a separate product with a specially written script under it, then there is the imagination of the creators or restricted by any limits, and we will meet with the most incredible characters and models of space technology. As already mentioned, the main motive of these games are the large-scale space battles, where you will withstand the crowds of alien invaders, and sometimes even themselves will be able to try on the image of some Alien or Predator. Prominent representatives of the cosmic flash games are the Battle Abyss Online, which ships the game are divided into 6 classes, which differ not only weapons, but also belonging to this or that faction. Also of note is the famous DarkOrbit, where you temporarily become a dashing pilot of a spaceship. These games are only a small part of the variety of space games, which you can explore on our website.