Tamagotchi games


What is Tamagotchi know everything. This game was invented in Japan, where technological progress is through the roof. All computer and unique discovery of the invention appear in Japan. This country has become a kind of ancestor of the computer world. So, let's talk about the Tamagotchi. When the game appeared on the world market, they were all just in awe of this simple, but at the same time a brilliant idea. People who can not have pets for several reasons, but the desire has not gone anywhere, it is possible to correct the injustice of fate. Thanks to Tamagotchi, anyone can create a user of the electronic virtual pet that behaves like a real dog, a cat or a teddy bear. It should be noted that many pupils were not even like animals. Animals taken from the well-known anime characters, which is replete with an infinite number of lovely and interesting creatures. So, with the help of this toy person can really keep track of your pet in a small electronic box and monitor its existence. It is necessary to carefully consider the pet's diet and monitor his sleep. Exodus when improperly disposed of « » home resident is similar to the true nature of existence of all living beings. Therefore, Tamagotchi requires constant attention. Previously, to feel the electronic pet owner, you need to buy a small box on the battery with several buttons. Where very easy and simple actions can be controlled with respect to a resident of the box. But as has been said before, technological progress does not stand still and everything is very much changed. Now everyone can play Tamagotchi online games that do not require any financial costs. You can easily create a virtual pet, staying at home and enjoy his fellowship and a cheerful smile. In fact, it is really very interesting pastime that does not take much time, just a pleasure to remember that your actions depends «zhizn», though not present, but being. Today, these creatures are small applets in computers, but who knows what will happen next. Science does not stand still and the creation of artificial intelligence is not far off. To date, are being developed to create a Tamagotchi as robots, that a person can not only on the screen or in a plastic box to share your concern, but also to fully experience the real world effect is unique and original invention.