Games Racing on tractors


Approval of one: all the boys love cars and racing. Approval of the second: even the most respectable men in the soul boys remain forever. Argue all of the above is unlikely that anyone will undertake. Therefore, a huge army of fans of racing as a real and virtual, provided by its very definition. Men always want to be the first, it is in their blood. What they just do not chased from the beginning of the world until the present time! It has been tested, it would seem, it has everything: horses and camels, boats and chariots, even managed to involve exotic animals such as elephants and ostriches. But with the invention of automobile motor racing business has found a second wind, as a Formula 1 car is not like some kind of clumsy elephant, but a real bullet on wheels. Now we are talking about something other speeds and associated hazards. Mass adrenaline audience was guaranteed. Further more. In the course went - motorcycles, vans, SUVs, trucks – race for every taste and budget. Of course, game developers could not stay long away from this celebration of life. It all started with a tiny two-dimensional primitive avtomobilchikov, more like cockroaches running around on your monitor, and ended with a colorful three-dimensional full-fledged simulators, played in that gamers did not remember at what he world where reality and where the game is. But players always wanted still something new, producers pull their socks up and given the race on tractors. Of course, it is worth noting that the games race on tractors are not the product of an insane imagination of developers, such races exist in the real world, but they are, to put it mildly, somewhat different from the computer. Although there are some serious options that simulate farmers entertainment, mainly tractors racing game is a fun little action like a real race, during which you can rush recklessly through the village, crushing chickens and other animals, which had the imprudence to get you under the wheels. In addition, there are several versions of the game on tractors, in which, besides the player must drive to deliver all kinds of bulky loads on the tractor trailer, which is very complicated task and requires special skill of driving. It came even before hopping « » tractors, no matter how ridiculous it sounds. It would seem that the developers in the field of tractor races have tried everything, but looking at the old man Santa, Christmas cheerfully steering tractor, you realize that we expect many more surprises tractor.