Transformers Games

Cartoon of the period of 80-90 x. years, the then special love kids enjoyed the adventure robot Transformers. Every weekend, thousands of young viewers with bated breath expecting the new series, tells the story of courageous opposition to the Autobots and their eternal enemies the Decepticons. They are huge fighting robots, came to us on Earth from their planet called Cybertron, could exist in the form of conventional cars, and in the form of robots. Now a special nostalgia cause spectacular scenes of their transformation, followed by a screech of metal and indispensable shouting "transformed! "And" Activate! . " Yes, now you see this only in the plot of Transformers 2 games, and then some friends complain that their creators too far departed from the side of canon cartoon American adaptations. By the way, Transformers got to most gaming genres and platforms, so willing to play the game Transformers 3, you can not worry about their compliance with the computer, put the creators of the game requirements. After all your favorite characters can be managed as a graphically clever games that are absolutely stunning, lifelike picture, so the game is more like them in the excellent view shot of the film, and in small onlaynovskih flash drives. Incidentally, the same online games transformers 2, presented on our site, even if carried out in accordance with the second part of the famous Hollywood blockbuster, but fun gameplay, able to leave far behind their more advanced in terms of graphics, competitors. Frequent subject of dispute between the fans of the old cartoon in anime style and a new cinematic incarnation of Transformers, is the theme of the role of the human characters and their influence on the script. Most amateurs play transformers know that although the cartoons and was attended by people, but the role they perform is not a major. In the very first series of Transformers on the first roles were always Optimus Prime and his team, who later became friends with a few people. Only much later in the series appeared Autobots model, which was provided for the driver's seat, which ought to take the characters-children. And now and do almost all games online transformers in building storyline cater for movies in which all events are considered from the viewpoint of the main character - Sam Witwicky. Our site will gladly help you find a canonicity games on old transformers, and their modernized version.