Game Volt


Almost all of the Disney cartoons meet the expectations of the audience. If a movie session begins with the famous fairytale castle and fireworks, it can already guarantee that we will see the creation of worthy attention. Cartoon Volt is no exception to this rule. It bears the honorary title of one of the first Disney cartoons, in which the classic pattern has been replaced by three-dimensional graphics. V was a huge success with the audience, even surpassing the box office at the same time reaching notorious Twilight. The idea of ​​the movie is so liked that soon see the light and computer games on its grounds.   By the way, you can read them directly on this page, because we have free games volts available to everyone. The plot is a bit Volta is not typical for most of these cartoons. The star of this story is a dog named Volt, which is recognized by a movie star action movies. He and his owner Penny shot in the popular series, which highlighted the role of dogs Volta - superhero. Like a real hero, in Volta has its own set of secret techniques like lasers from his eyes, and deafening barking. But most importantly – for all that our hero is a very smart and intelligent dog, try on the roles of hero only on the set. Since all my life Volt lived in the studio, he can not imagine what's going on outside, and at the same time firmly believes in his superpowers. But one is not a very good day for him, he does not have to go outside the home walls in order to save his beloved mistress. In her quest for a dog can have many adventures, and with them rethinking their abilities and finding new friends. In many games based on the cartoon Volt you will play for a magnificent Volta, and his best cat friends - tramp mittens and a hamster in a ball of Reno. These games primarily executed in the arcade and the genre have both dimensional and 3D performance. The creators of the game were not particularly thinking, and turned into a full-fledged superhero Volta, which operate much more interesting than the usual dog. Together with him you have to win the crowd of villains, rescue hostages and defuse bombs – however, all as real heroes. In addition, the main characters got more and to genres of puzzles and puzzles that will appeal to lovers of quieter toys. They all gathered in our selection of games and you are available for review and games without any - any financial investments.