Games voynushki


every modern boy is familiar game voynushki. Memories of the time spent for such military actions in the company of friends and classmates, are as much a part of childhood as game consoles and biking. As a rule, voynushki held in the courtyard or in open areas. The men were divided into two opposing camps, and started the game itself. Clearly established rules she had. Just aim was to get the opposing team, by the use of such improvised like fists, sticks and water pistols. In the winter version voynushek welcomed snowballs, and if you go out to play for any reason prohibited, the hostilities were transferred to the house and there, and then was the use of pillows and all sorts of kitchen utensils. Games for boys voynushki can be safely attributed to the category of games that do not lose their relevance over the years. After all, until now, the holidays or after school, still pleasant to spend making plans for military action, and then they have successfully put into practice. With the popularity of computer technology began to appear all sorts of virtual versions of the good old voynushek. Of course, the brightest representatives of the genre are shooters. Suffice it to recall how much time was 'll sit behind the same Quake or Doom. Over time, the quality of the graphics and the gameplay has been steadily increasing, and users have already begun to attract Mass Effect, Stalker, and Counter-Strike. The latter, incidentally, is most consistent with the requirements of the game voynushki. But, sadly, none of these masterpieces did not come under the definition of a good and fun game, which is not particularly bother about the plot, but you can just choose the adventure you to taste and enjoy the process. Here then come to our aid technology for creating flash games. This method is suitable for the production of three-dimensional graphics, and allows you to create whole animated by specifying a few key personnel. But the most important thing is that flash like no other platform gives us to play voynushki online. After all, a highlight of this genre do not make smart special effects or script written by the stars of literature. Voynushki valued for reckless atmosphere and fun gameplay. The genre is quite comical and serious, so it does not require a virtual incarnation of the developers of some incredible effort by the design. Home – to be able to discern those moments that make voynushki unique.