Warcraft game online for free


If a fan of games - strategies to ask about the game with what he loved the genre, one of the most popular answer is, of course, Warcraft. He came out more than a decade ago, and the first to meet him personal computer users. Much of Warcraft managed to embody the basic principles of a successful strategy. Compared with its predecessors, the number of jobs was just great, there was a distinct and exciting story and discussion at the beginning of each mission. Strategy, tells us about the implacable war between humans and orcs, he became the founder of a series of games, the most striking of which is the World Of Warcraft. Revolutionary at the time the game has broken all sales records and earned a lot of awards such as the «Luchshaya game goda» and «Luchshaya goda» strategy. In Warcraft you will find the opportunity to lead one of the opposing sides, choosing between Alliance forces of the Horde, Night Elf, or Undead. In addition, you should define the specific character – warrior, which has its own history and characteristics and can be pumped in the game. In addition, a pleasant addition to the game was the World Editor map editor. It is thanks to him saw the light of the famous DotA Warcraft III – that despite considerable age already, still popular among the players. Despite the fact that out of the game, much more advanced in terms of graphics and story, of DotA does not lose his fans due to the huge number of available characters and artifacts, as well as a well- elaborated game rules. In World of Warcraft, we encounter many characters and names, which are the source of computer games, anime and mythology of various peoples of the world. Background mighty armies can call you to the monitor for hours. Once, trying to play warcraft online, you will understand why this game, despite its considerable age, able to press the younger and more advanced competitors. The combination of invented characters, graphics and indescribable atmosphere make all series Warcraft, hits, which are virtually obsolete with the passage of time. No wonder he even became a compulsory subject for eSports. Possibility of online games to users opens new dimensions of the famous game, and fosters interaction between players. And, of course, speaking of the Warcraft universe, we should mention World Of Warcraft – popularity of MMORPG, officially recognized as such by the Guinness Book of Records.