Game Wonderful garden


U every lover of nature in general and horticulture in particular, at least once, but flashed the thought of creating your own garden. And not one that is limited geraniums on the window or flowerbed with asters and complete park, with all the accompanying twenty varieties of roses, gravel paths, a pond with carp, and even a pair of antique statues. But, as often happens, our dream is rarely a hundred percent in line with our capabilities and your brilliant project still remains at the stage of bold ideas. But among the creators of the game, as it turned out, not sit alone crackers producing race Shooting yes, and there are quite creative and enthusiastic person. It is thanks to them and for the creation of the game Brave garden. So, if you are determined to establish itself in the field of virtual gardening, we are ready to provide you with the opportunity to play online marvelous garden. At the beginning of the game in your possession is entrusted to a huge, beautiful, but badly neglected infield. And, just as any self-respecting old garden, it is located around the mansion, which is also seen better days. You guessed it, your goal is to demonstrate the ability of the landscape designer and turn it into the shelter of weeds and debris into a truly paradise. Unlike many similar simulators gardening, garden all in Brave is almost the present, and therefore do not think that the financial capital for your design activity will just appear out of thin air. In order to earn the right amount of currency, you have to try your hand at trading. Moreover, as the product will be the antiques, recovered from dusty shelves and cupboards of your house. And what do you think, will have to make sacrifices when choosing between full of treasure house and the garden of your dreams. The process of earning Brave garden is usually reduced to a search of all that can be sold for more or less favorable price. In this kind of quest, you have to walk fifteen luxurious rooms of your home, collecting a variety of gold coins, statues, paintings and vases. In this difficult task will help you tips from the creators of the game: for example, when you move the object, having a financial value, the mouse cursor starts to shake, notifying the user of the proximity of the target. On money received from the auction, you will be able to come to grips with the garden arrangement, which can just make a beautiful, rare plants and buying all kinds of fountains, benches or sustain a certain style, for example, country or modern.