Worms games


unlikely to find gamers who have not played in the legendary worms. This game appeared in the early nineties, and firmly captured the hearts of both the young and not very young gamers. Worms were able to achieve that is far from all the games – they practically do not get bored. In them you can play almost every day, but each party will be unique and will give you a lot of pleasure and positive emotions. Ageless over the years the game of worms receive generous developers more and more new modifications now and difficult to believe that it all began with a simple two-dimensional map and worms from a pair of pixels. Worms play online even now, like all Internet users in a huge number of versions of the worms, ranging from classic and ending heaped 3d. Online version of the beginning of the conquest of the market a couple of years ago, but now shows a record number of users. The meaning of the game is simple: on the game map, filled with a variety of interactive obstacles, there are two teams of brave worms. Their goal is incredibly banal – every effort to destroy the opposing team. But how they do it! Do not think that the appearance of worms does defenseless. The entire process is carried out taking advantage of a huge arsenal of weapons: a simple baseball bats, dynamite, guns, grenades, and exotic variations like bombs from bananas, pigeons, donkeys and even a rocket exploding sheep! And what comments worms released each time the course, it is only necessary to hear. Every action, whether it is as successful and not so, accompanied by caustic comments, uttered cartoon non-transferable vote. Play Worms available even for a beginner, the first time has sat down at the computer, because the game is equipped with flexible settings, and you can determine the pace of the battle and the speed of the rising water, which floods particularly careless worms. And, of course, it should be noted that users of the game worms available several of its modes. After all, you can just fight with the computer, which is not professional players may even seem a serious contender. But much more interesting to play with friends and live discuss each victory or defeat. If there is not there a friend who wants to take part in the games Worms – does not matter, because there are still online version, where you can always find a suitable opponent. For example, in the catalog of our site you will find various options for your favorite games to play that you can without spending a dime while.