Zombie games

It is difficult to explain why, in modern cinema and gaming industry such love stories are about the walking dead. It would seem that they contain no refined mystery of vampires, no fantastic strength and agility of werewolves, but for some reason the authors persistently delight us with the release of new works on the theme of "survival in the dominance of zombies." This mode is not spared, and the creators of computer games that are just ideal platform for this kind of fighting. Numerous zombie games give us the opportunity to personally take part in a role of a fearless fighter of evil. And the number of genres to which got claws zombies, just huge. This is primarily zombie game shooters, in which we can play as tough soldiers and policemen, as well as for good looking and fragile girls. But the sense in this case remains one - to give light weight weapon, go out on the streets of a zombie infested city and begin to thin out their numbers with all means available. Just a few modified version of popular online zombie game called Survival horror (the horror of survival). In these games, you do not just shred the cabbage all that stands in your way, and try to get out of the city filled with zombies, alive and preferably whole. And will not let you shoot a lot during the game online zombie survival, because each cartridge and a first aid kit you will be worth its weight in gold. In recent years, Internet users are gaining sympathy flash games about zombies, where the living dead are changing their position scary monsters on a sort of funny creatures, which can be perfectly used as a bowling pin or charges for the gun. Of course, by any zombie game 2, you often encounter the shooter in flash format in which the zombies will appear soon in the form of a comic, and the gameplay will delight in the first place fans of parodies and black humor. But among the variety of zombie shooters can suddenly find even puzzles and Arkanoid in which you will be instead of the usual ball use various parts of the zombies. Therefore, fans of tickle and simultaneously show dexterity and sharpness, just select the zombie action to his liking.